Exterior of home with SIW Windows

Upgrade Your Home With Impact Windows & Doors

Specializing in hurricane impact window and door replacement for Palm Beach County and Broward County since 2000. Featuring exclusively Marvin Signature® Coastline.

Interior of home with Marvin Signature Coastline Multi-Slide Door and Direct Glaze Narrow Frame Window and Awning Window

Why Impact Products

Upgrading to impact-rated windows and doors, specifically designed to protect you and your property, is one of the most effective ways to prepare your home well in advance of an approaching storm. Plywood, storm shutters, and other coverings can be effective, but most of these secondary solutions require installation and provide no protection at all if you’re out of town or can’t find someone to help you install them. Many of these secondary solutions are also unsightly and need to be removed and stored when not in use. This is why you should install hurricane impact windows.

Installing hurricane impact windows and doors in your home means you’ll be protected and prepared no matter when or how hard the storm winds blow.

Modern style home with Marvin Signature Coastline Casement Awning and Picture Windows and Marvin Signature Coastline Multi-Slide Door

Why Marvin Coastline

While Marvin Coastline products are designed for beauty, they’re built for strength and durability. In addition to the highest quality impact glass, the frame on every Coastline product is built with thick extruded aluminum, which delivers maximum protection against damage caused by hurricanes and tropical storms.

Unlike vinyl, extruded aluminum will not distort in high heat or become brittle when exposed to the destructive UV rays of the sun. All Coastline windows and doors are approved for use in Miami–Dade county and the state of Florida, which has the most stringent building code requirements in North America.