Horizontal Slider Impact Windows

Designed and manufactured right here in Palm Beach County to meet the most stringent impact code requirements in North America, our sliding impact windows are engineered to protect your family and your property from the hurricane conditions experienced in south Florida. Sliding windows provide large glass area for big views of the outdoors and glide open horizontally without intruding on your outdoor living space or landscaping.

You will get exceptional performance without sacrificing beauty with Coastline sliding impact windows manufactured, sold, and installed by SIW Solutions.

Coastline Awning Windows

Beauty and Aesthetics

The narrow sightlines of our impact glider windows allow for large expanses of glass to connect your home with the outdoors while flooding it with natural light. Sliding windows are perfect for providing large, horizontal views in high-traffic areas like a lanai or exterior walkway. The sash of gliding windows doesn't open past the plane of your wall, saving space and eliminating damage to landscaping close to your house.

Coastline Awning Windows

Protection and Performance

Our hurricane rated sliding windows feature thick-walled, extruded aluminum frames combined with impact, laminated glass. These superior materials create a protective barrier that is able to withstand the punishing forces of even the most ferocious Florida hurricane. Unlike vinyl windows, the aluminum components and brass rollers of our gliding windows resist becoming brittle, distorted, and discolored when exposed to years of intense sunlight.

Hurricane Impact Awning Windows

Noise Reduction

Along with its exceptional ability to resist hurricane forces, the laminated impact glass in our hurricane impact sliding windows is also effective at reducing disruptive and irritating outdoor sounds like barking dogs, noisy neighborhoods, and heavy traffic.