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Pivot doors offer a unique, elegant look and are designed for applications with a large opening.

  • Available in widths over 6' and heights of 10'
  • Inswing and outswing available
  • 54'' minimum width for ADA compliance
  • Nine colors and wood grain finishes plus custom colors
  • Commercial multi-point lock


Our low-maintenance interior and exterior finishes resist fading, peeling, and chalking even under the most extreme coastal conditions. Finish options include five colored finishes and five wood grain finishes that will bring beauty and natural warmth to your home. 

Our Bronze, Black, Bronze, and Stone White Kynar finishes are AAMA 2605 certified. AAMA 2605 is the American Architectural Manufacturer's Association's high-performance exterior specification. Finishes meeting this certification exhibit outstanding resistance to humidity, color change, chalk, gloss loss, and chemicals. 

We also offer custom color options to create your unique, coastal window and door vision. 

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See Coastline Pivot Doors in Action

With their unique operation, Coastline pivot doors have the ability to accommodate huge openings with panels that seem to hover in midair when open.

Benefits of Hurricane-Rated Pivot Doors

Beauty & Aesthetics

Highly customizable, the Coastline pivot door offers a unique and modern design style that create grand openings up to six feet wide and ten feet tall. Our impact pivot doors offer numerous design possibilities and configurations with custom color, finishes and custom stile and rail designs to meet your project needs. Also, choose from several hardware styles, colors, and finishes that offer sleek and clean profiles.  

Protect & Perform

The structural performance and quality construction of the impact pivot door can stand up to Florida's most rigorous weather. The Coastline pivot door features durable and low-maintenance extruded aluminum and impact-resistant glass to protect your home and family. In addition, our impact pivot door will provide a smooth easy operation for years to come because it resists deterioration, distortion, or becoming brittle when exposed to extreme heat, humidity, and salt spray.

Noise Reduction

An added benefit of the impact pivot door is reduced noise. The laminated, impact-resistant glass in a Coastline hurricane impact pivot door is effective at suppressing unwanted outside noise from neighbors, construction, thunder, and street traffic. The insulation gained by installing an impact front door can help to reduce the amount of noise pollution in your indoor space, making it more quiet and peaceful.

SIW Impact Windows & Doors Reviews

What Our Customers Have To Say

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My windows and doors make my house! The front pivot door is amazing! Everyone that comes through comments on it's originality. The staff and work crew are always polite and helpful. I will continue to recommend SIW to anyone who is thinking of doing any windows or doors.

Bettina Y.

Great experience and wonderful final result with my new front door! Great job SIW!

Terry S.

The door is very solid and is a welcome upgrade to the entrance of our new home. We were looking for a very high quality door and SIW makes a quality product.

Gary D.