Coastline Awning Windows

Coastline Awning Windows

Marvin Coastline Awning windows are designed and manufactured in West Palm Beach, Florida, an area that has the most stringent hurricane building code requirements in North America. They are specifically engineered to protect people and property in those areas most prone to extreme winds and flying debris generated by hurricanes. But with Coastline Awning windows, you don’t have to sacrifice beauty for performance because each window is crafted with the most thoughtful details and the highest level of architectural precision.   

Benefits of Hurricane Awning Windows

Coastline Awning Windows

Beauty and Aesthetics

Every new construction and remodel project is different. That’s why we’ve built a remarkable level of design flexibility into our Awning windows. There are several decorative glass options, and simulated divided lites are available in many different profiles and custom configurations. There are also ten standard colors and wood grain finishes along with custom color options to provide you with unrestrained opportunities to bring your unique design vision to life. 
Coastline Awning Windows

Protection and Performance

Successful projects start with the best materials. The thick-walled, extruded aluminum frames work together with impact, laminated glass to create a protective barrier able to withstand the punishing forces caused by even the most ferocious hurricane. And unlike vinyl products, the aluminum components on a Coastline Awning window resist deterioration, distortion, or becoming brittle when exposed to years of intense sunlight.
Hurricane Impact Awning Windows

Noise Reduction

In addition to its exceptional ability to resist hurricane forces, the laminated, impact glass in a Coastline Awning window is also effective at reducing irritating and disruptive outdoor sounds like noisy neighborhoods, barking dogs, and heavy traffic conditions.