Hurricane Impact Garage Doors

Coastline Garage Doors

Because of their large size, standard garage doors are vulnerable to the extreme winds and airborne wreckage generated by hurricanes.  If a garage door does fail, a home’s walls and roof are in danger of being knocked down or blown away. Get the best protection for your home and family by choosing a garage door strong enough to withstand the punishing forces of a hurricane. Marvin Coastline Garage doors meet or exceed the industry’s most stringent building code requirements in North America and are approved for use in the state of Florida.

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A Coastline Garage door will boost curb appeal and is a perfect complement to any modern, contemporary, or transitional style.

Benefits Of Hurricane Impact Garage Doors

Beauty and Aesthetics

A highly crafted Marvin Garage door can serve as a beautiful focal point to your home. Coastline impact Garage doors unite architectural beauty, meticulous attention to detail, and offer near limitless opportunities for personalization and customization. Coastline Garage doors are ideal for a wide range of project types regardless of the challenging design requirements. 

Protection and Performance

Marvin Garage doors feature rugged impact, laminated glass that can withstand extreme winds and flying debris. The thick-walled, extruded aluminum frames on a garage door provide superior protection and resist deterioration, distortion, or becoming brittle when exposed to the harmful rays of the sun.    

Design Flexibility

Coastline Garage doors are available in ten colors and wood grain finishes. Panel widths are available in 18 feet with the option of eight divided lights per section. To increase privacy, you can choose solid panels, tinted glass, or a decorative glass pattern like rain, glue-chip, or obscure.